Ozone effectiveness against Corona-virus tested by Eurofins laboratory.

Elozo H800 effectiveness against Corona virus.

Elozo H800 ozone cleaning system’s effectiveness against Corona virus were tested by Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing laboratory in Italy with two different methods. No interfering and with interfering substance. Both tests were successful.

Test method:

EN 16777:2018 / UNI EN 16777:2019 – Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics —

Quantitative non-porous surface test without mechanical action for the evaluation of

virucidal activity of chemical disinfectants used in the medical area — Test method and

requirements (phase 2/step 2)

TEST VIRUS Bovine Coronavirus (Betacoronavirus 1), strain S379 Riems (RVB-0020)


Test Result and conclusion:

Log reductions after the set cycle on the device Elozo H800

Used program: Customized cycle: 124 min – power level 6

Bovine Coronavirus, strain S379 Riems ≥4.00±0.000


On the basis of the obtained results in compliance with the assay validity criteria of EN

16777:2018 / UNI EN 16777:2019 and Sponsor requirements, the tested cycle performed

by Elozo H800 device is considered EFFECTIVE in reducing the titre of Bovine

Coronavirus by at least 4 log, in the adopted test conditions.

Manufacturer’s note:

In the test there was used control SW that is modified from basic so that ozone concentration stays higher during refreshment cycle. Ozone generation time/minute were longer that in basic cabinet.

Laboratory did not use external fan in air exhaust.